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Client is a US-based qualified Real Estate broker with the corporate office based in Dallas Texas. With approximately 80,000 homes in 17 markets for lease. They provide valuable features such as close proximity to jobs and access to good schools. Their business strategy is centered on the things that matter to the customers and provide properties to the customers at a precise market rate in the least time.


Client has various data sources like Yardi, PLS, Atlas and Salesforces which was integrated earlier with custom coding. However, as the business grow and they started introducing new applications like Qualtrics and Marketing Cloud etc., they ran into a situation where they need to introduce ESB. Along with ESB there was a need to API based integration to fulfill digital journey of customer. This is where they decided to use MuleSoft’s API Led Connectivity approach to build an application network.
The objectives of the project were as listed below:

  • Designing APIs using RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language).
  • Create system APIs across all the Application (Yardi, PLS, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Qualtrics, Cerberus FTP server etc.)
  • Create process APIs to fulfill business requirement by integrating various systems using reusable system API.
  • Create experience APIs top of Process APIs to meet end user requirement.
  • Writing complex SQL query to fetch data from Yardi and PLS to meet business needs.
  • Use of dataweave language of MuleSoft to support complex data transformation.
  • Building internal cache (using DB) to eliminate processing of duplicate records from Yardi and PLS system.
  • Integrating Qualtrics with Yardi and Salesforce to send surveys.
  • Integrating Yardi and PLS with Marketing Cloud by providing realtime data for their journeys.
  • Automating the process of incident creation in ServiceNow.
  • Syncing data between Yardi and Salesforce near to real time.
  • Using the benefits of Anypoint Platform for application deployment, monitoring, managing API, securing API with policies


  • SQL
  • Dataweave language
  • Understating API Led Connectivity approach
  • Java
  • Json[
  • Understanding the systems to be integrated
    • Salesforce
    • Marketing Cloud
    • Yardi
    • PLS
    • Qualtrics
    • Cerberus
    • ServiceNow
  • MuleSoft ESB
  • Anypoint Platform


  • Creation of application network using API Led Connectivity approach
  • Designing APIs using RAML
  • Development of applications was done using Anypoint Studio.
  • Developed application was tested using MUnit and Postman.
  • Use of GitHub as source repository and version controlling system.
  • Deployment of developed code to Anypoint runtime manager.
  • Managing applications in Anypoint platform.


Areya team was engaged and worked in a closed loop client to create the deliverables and plan accordingly. Areya team was involved and complete end to end process and provided suggestion on best approaches towards architecting solutions.


  • Removed complexity in integrating legacy systems.
  • Using the benefits of API Led Connectivity by building reusable and purposeful API and enabling digital journey.
  • Near real time integration between systems which will help in boosting business.
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