Our Mission Is To Be Your Trusted Technology Partner

At Areya, we believe that the long-term customer relationship is the greatest strength that successful companies have. A more valuable, less invasive way where clients are earned rather than bought because we live by our key principles of collaboration, innovation and transparency. We are obsessively passionate about it and our mission is to be your Trusted Technology Partner. We are excited to simplify the technology to you


Value Delivered

Offers and deliverables driven by client’s strategy & outcomes. Experienced in organizational change for fully leveraging Salesforce investments.

Holistic Solutions

Designed with a deep understanding of your business, customer and product strategies. Ensuring your organization’s learning in leveraging the software.


Specialists well versed in CRM driving customer value & growth. Certified experts in Salesforce products


Data Migration ServicesData Migration Services

There is a need to migrate all the functional data from their legacy system, when a customer decides to move to a new platform, our data migration has its own unique process.

Admin & Developer Services

Our talented pool of qualified technical professionals with their vast industry experience help you in increasing user adoption and maximise the returns for your investment in technology.

Architecture As A Service

Our Architecture-as-a-Service delivery model speeds up your architecture planning activities.

Project Management

We follow the best Project Management methodologies: Planning the project from conception to implementation

Managed Services

We have an expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to your company’s business application users.

Implementation Services

Areya Technologies carries a mission to transform business by leveraging the Salesforce platform functionalities and delivering industry-leading solutions.

Perks and Benefits

The Benefits of working with Areya Technologies are in a way very motivating. We take care of the work-life balance.

We support a Hybrid Model!

The Benefits of working with Areya Technologies are in a way very motivating. We take care of the work-life balance.

Our Culture