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File Management in and out of Salesforce


Monday morning. Paul, the CTO of an up-and-coming Salesforce service provider, is looking at a report on his screen and is not happy with the statistics. He calls for Ian, one of his Salesforce admins, who was hired to manage the company’s operations on the Salesforce cloud platform more efficiently.

Looking at Paul, Ian thinks that something isn’t right. Paul tells him that they have hit the Salesforce storage limit, and he is not quite ready to buy more storage space since the price is higher. Ian quickly understands the problem and suggests a solution: the Salesforce Media Management Tool.

Paul is immediately interested in the idea and asks Ian more about this solution. Ian tells him that the state-of-the-art tool not only optimizes file storage and keeps the data storage costs under control but also helps maintain compliance and increase usability.

He pulls up the details of the tool online and shows him the benefits that can be availed of if he opts in.


  • Collaborating on documents with colleagues
  • Complete version history visibility
  • Seamless file sharing with maximum security add-ons
  • functionality in the respective external storage visibility
  •  Sync functionality
  •  Folder management.
  • Effortless Configuration on Folder Path: Customised Folder Structure
  • easy source selection
  • Drag and drop multiple files.
  • Easy navigation to external sources from Salesforce


Paul is amazed by the idea and asks for the pricing model. He was surprised to know that the licence cost was less than a cup of coffee! He wondered if there was more than the product offered, and Ian briefed him about the product’s Salesforce integration support feature with different cloud storage like SharePoint, AWS S3, and OneDrive.

Paul: Fantastic! If you feel this application will give me the result I am looking for with the firm, then go ahead with it. Set up a meeting with their team, and we’ll discuss things!

Paul is smart. Be like Paul.

Interested? We got you!

Reach out to [email protected] for more updates on the product We’re always happy to help!

Team Areya.


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