Salesforce: Einstein Search

“Personal, Natural & Actionable”

If you’re one of the 4.5 billion people who use the internet today, you probably use a search engine to look up, buy, or learn about anything. Consumer search engines offer a smooth means of navigating our complex environment. Today users are accustomed to a quick, accurate, and evolving search experience.

 Intelligent search should make it easier for you to locate important information quickly, increase productivity, and deal with client issues swiftly. When people conduct a search within their CRM at work, they find the experience excruciatingly underwhelming. Far too many clicks are required to locate what you’re searching for, and the UI confuses rather than clarifies.

 As an admin, you would have been frustrated by End users complaining, “I wanted to do a global search on my Salesforce, but it is not working for some objects and fields.” This is a drawback, but now Salesforce has done is that they have implemented Einstein search, and they claim that this feature allows us to intelligently search for what we want, and our frequent searches will pop up in our ladder (they have implemented AI).

“ Einstein Search brings the incredible power of intelligent search to CRM by making it personal, natural, and actionable.” 

 It is also free – available to Unlimited, Enterprise, and Performance edition customers, with Lightning-enabled. And from Winter ’22 release, Einstein Search is on by default.

Now we’ll go ahead and look at a straightforward example where there’s a custom object we will search for, and let’s see how far it works. As you can notice in the image below, the search works perfectly, and it’s not a problem.

But let’s see how it works when we search for a state, which is also an account expected to be reflected in global search results. 

As you see, that did not give up any result, which is strange for a standard object to be not present there, but this particular user does not as frequently visit it, and that’s where we can go in the list down below here and click on show more and click on accounts that’s where the search result is generated. So as pointed out in this instance, the search is happening but in the lower tab.

How do you change this as Admins and Developers?

As admins or developers, we want to ensure that account search works at all times. Salesforce has released the “Object to always search feature”. Now there is a beta feature released in winter’22, and it’s still in beta testing, but it can still be used by enabling permissions.

Where can we find this?

Go to Setup & search for the object, and you will see Einstien search. Now, if you look at the image above, you can see it’s under the Einstein > Einstein search > “OBJECT TO ALWAYS SEARCH”.  Since this is still in beta, we will enable it for the system admin and select ‘search for accounts’ after Einstein determined objects.

The default search profile is intended to find objects, but you can define it for every profile using this feature. So we have defined it for accounts and enabled this feature now. Now that we had enabled the feature, let’s go to the home page & search for this particular account that didn’t give any results before we turned on this feature.

The “Object to always search” feature works, and search results can be seen now because this feature searches the Einstein Datamine account, which is the AI engine for global search. Then it correlates with the “Object to always searching for” in a particular profile system admin.

Einstein Search continues to demonstrate that Salesforce is a platform that accelerates user productivity, enabling businesses to focus on pursuing customer success. And the “Object to always search” feature is really good and can save you a day as admins. 

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Salesforce: Einstein Search

Salesforce: Einstein Search “Personal, Natural & Actionable” If you’re one of the 4.5 billion people who use the internet today, you probably use a search

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