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The 10 Best Salesforce Winter’23 Releases

The Winter 23 release offers innovations across the platform to help us connect customers in new ways and from anywhere. The Winter ’23 release also helps us grow our business, reduce costs, and create efficiencies.
The Winter ’23 release is now available! So, without waiting further, let’s dive into our best features for this release!

1. Enhance More Object Record Pages With Dynamic Forms

We’re anticipating a huge cheer from everyone in the Salesforce community! Are you prepared for Salesforce’s evolving page layouts? The availability of dynamic forms for standard objects, including accounts, contacts, person accounts, and opportunities, has been planned for some time.

If you have yet to use dynamic forms, visit our blog below.

READ MORE: Complete Guide to the #1 Salesforce Feature: The Dynamic Forms.

2. Do More With Dynamic Related List Filters

In keeping with the “dynamic” theme, Dynamic Related List filters have received a minor but essential upgrade. Previously, we could only filter by one value, but now we can filter a Dynamic Related List by multiple filter values.

3. Permission Sets Get a Boost

We will discuss every permission enhancement!

Set Field-Level Security for a Field on Permission Sets Instead of Profiles During Field Creation (Beta)

By allowing us to provide field access based on permission sets rather than profiles, Salesforce demonstrates that these are the best practice options moving forward. It will be necessary to enable this feature in User Management Settings > Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation (Beta).

Manage Your Permission Assignments With the User Access and Permissions Assistant

User Access and Permissions Assistant is the new name for Permissions Helper. The program offers a simple wizard to manage permissions and tools to analyze and report on permission assignments. The Salesforce-made app is accessible on AppExchange.

Enable Permission Set Expiration and Enhanced UI (Release Update)

A permission set or permission set group can have an expiration date set. A User may no longer have access to the functionality made available by a Permission Set or Permission Set Group once the expiration date has passed. Is any of this familiar to you? This is because the update was accessible in Summer 22 but will be implemented in Winter 23.

4. Collaborative Forecast Fun

As per the last few releases, forecasting has been getting a lot of love, and this theme continues in Winter ‘23. There are multiple enhancements, so check out the full release notes if you use this feature. However, I wanted to draw special attention to two significant updates.

Choose Custom Opportunity Fields to Include or Exclude From Your Forecasts

You can now filter your forecasts by custom Opportunity Number, Currency, or Picklist fields for a more accurate forecast! Previously, you were only able to filter your forecast using Record Type, standard Number, standard Currency, and standard Picklist fields.

Work Smoothly With Improved Usability of Salesforce Desktop Site Forecasts

The title of the feature doesn’t do it justice! In Winter ‘23, Salesforce significantly improved the visualization of forecasts.

In particular, I love the ability to view Quota Attainment % as a progress bar.

Users can select “Show Changes in the Last 7 Days” and will now see pertinent information in a single pop-up when they hover.

5. Clone Lightning Apps (Beta)

The Lightning App Builder now makes it simple to clone your favourite apps; this feature is fantastic for saving

6. Create Custom Address Fields (Generally Available)

For years, there has been a definite requirement for a custom address field that works similarly to the default address field. This fantastic new feature went into beta testing in the summer of 22 and was made generally available in the winter of 23.

7. Flow and Automation Updates

Future automation features like Flow have a tonne of juicy enhancements for you in this new edition. Typically, the highlights of our releases are brand-new, enhanced features or functionality, but we’d be negligent if we didn’t mention anything that’s gone.

The possibility of building a new workflow will be removed starting with the Winter ’23 version!

We have a full roundup of new and improved Flow features, but here are a few of our favourites.

Cut and Paste Flow Elements

You can now use Cut and Paste in place of Copy and Paste to move and rearrange components in Flow. The advantage? There’s no need to modify the API name of the newly pasted element or delete the duplicated element.

Click the element and choose Cut Element from the menu.

To paste the element, you cut, hover over where you want to paste, and then click (2).

Use Formula Builder in Flow Resources and Collection Filter Elements.

With this modification, you can utilize Flow’s improved formula builder to check formula syntax and catch problems.

Use ISCLONE in Record-Triggered Flow Formulas

With this modification, you can utilize Flow’s improved formula builder to check formula syntax and catch problems.

Use Record-Triggered Flows to Update Related Records

You now have the option to update records connected to the record that causes your flow, which is self-explanatory. You have the option of updating only a few or all connected records.

Specify Time Offsets in Months for Scheduled Paths

You may select an offset duration of “months” for record-triggered flows” for each scheduled path. Before, you could choose between “days,” “hours,” or “minutes.”

8. Reports and Dashboards

Two enhancements for reports and dashboards stand out among the numerous others because they will be helpful to both users and administrators.

Filter Custom Report Types by Salesforce Fields (Beta)

In a previous release, we were allowed to filter report types based on Salesforce objects. We can now locate custom report types with a particular standard or custom field thanks to the Winter ’23 release, which takes this a step further. This feature is currently in beta testing.

Review a Custom Report Type’s Structure During Report Creation

Records A and B may or may not be connected. With the help of this improvement, you will see the relationships between linked items and the structure of custom report types. The tooltip (the blue box) will also describe the join type, for example.

9. Einstein Updates

We have Einstein updates for you!

Boost Agent Productivity With Einstein’s Search for Knowledge (Generally Available)

Your service agents can locate pertinent articles more quickly using Einstein Search for Knowledge, which will shorten the time it takes to handle a case. Previously in beta, this functionality is now generally

accessible. It must be made available in Setup > Einstein Search > Settings > Einstein Search for Knowledge Enhancements (requires Actionable Instant Results).

Resolve Cases Quickly With Interactive Einstein Search Answers (Pilot)

The helpful information from a knowledge article will be extracted from Pilot’s amusing new feature, Interactive Einstein Search Answers, which will then display

Einstein Scoring Model Update Timing Changed

Lead and opportunity models will be updated monthly to enhance performance. They were previously changed every 10 days.

Object to Always Search Feature

As admins or developers, we want to ensure that account search always works. Salesforce has released the “Object always to search feature.” Now there is a beta feature released in Winter 22, and it’s still in beta testing, but it can still be used by enabling permissions.

Where can we find this?

Go to Setup and search for the object, and you will see Einstien search. Now, if you look at the image above, you can see it’s under Einstein > Einstein search > “OBJECT TO ALWAYS SEARCH.” Since this is still in beta, we will enable it for the system admin and select ‘search for accounts’ after Einstein determined objects.

The default search profile is intended to find objects, but you can define it for every profile using this feature!

10. Track and Sort All Your Tasks With the To-Do List

With the advent of the “To Do List” for companies utilizing Sales Engagement in the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions, we are happy to have changed our minds about the Utility Bar for Sales Users. The “To Do List” presents tasks allocated to them in a single, user-friendly view and can be added to the Utility Bar.

Additional Feature – Sales Cloud for Slack (Generally Available)

Sales Cloud for Slack app is generally available from Winter ‘23. This app enables your users to:

  1. See, update, and share accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities.

  2. See and manage their sales pipeline.

  3. Get reminders in Slack about upcoming close dates, unchanged stages, and unchanged next steps for the opportunities they own.

  4. Streamline important announcements.

  5. Use Flow Builder to invoke Slack actions, such as creating new Slack channels when an opportunity is created over a specific dollar value.

  6. And much, much more. 


The Salesforce platform continuously evolves and improves to deliver optimal performance for its end users. That’s why, three times a year, new features are introduced. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this edition of our favourite Salesforce Winter ’23 features! There were so many fantastic features to choose from. Did we overlook any? What are you most anticipating? Tell us in the comments section below!

Let us know your thoughts!

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