Here Is The Next Big Thing In SFR Acquisitions

Acquisition simply means acquiring one or more real estate assets that are expected to create a portfolio of financial assets. In all types of real estate investment businesses, there is a person or department responsible for finding deals and overseeing real estate acquisitions. With significant rent growth and low interest rates, investors are again in buying mode. Single-family rental housing has become even more important as Americans adapt to the new reality after the COVID health crisis.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, there have been 870,000 additional rental families, according to an announcement from the NRHC. “We have seen more opportunity for accretive acquisitions,” says Dallas Tanner, president and CEO of SFR REIT Invitation Homes. With the increase in SFR acquisitions, the need for a standardized acquisition system is greater than ever.

What is Acquisition System & why is it important?

An acquisition system is a Proptech solution that streamlines the effort, action, and process of buying a property. According to the Q4 2021 Single-Family Rental Market Index (SFRMI) released by the National Rental Home Council, there are more than 200,000 single-family rental homes in more than 50 metropolitan areas across the United States that SFR providers manage.

In the US real estate market, there is no standard for acquisition systems; some still use sheet-based systems like Excel, and their data is stored in multiple places, which affects team collaboration. This might work for investment firms and individuals with fewer than 100 properties. But firms and individuals require a centralized acquisition system to ensure better management of their portfolios. Check out the Real Estate Technology Landscape and its Drawbacks for a clear understanding of the Proptech reality.


We offer you a solution.

At Areya Technologies, we are looking to define a standard for Acquisition systems that ensures all the goals are on track. As a purpose-built SFR acquisition system, we offer a central system to store all your data on Salesforce, ensuring better team collaboration. Your entire acquisition process is streamlined, providing faster purchases of multiple properties from different sources so you can lease them faster, thereby saving costs.

Don’t wait to include technology into an existing business process, especially with real estate; it would probably end up being the most – important decision you will ever make when Acquiring properties. Schedule a meeting with us if you need assistance with any technology-related issues; we’d be eager to put our expertise to work for you.

For faster and more streamlined acquisitions of SFR properties on Salesforce with centralized data, connect with us today!


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