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NPSP Powers Jeevandhara to Heal and Educate Rural India

One of our customers from the finance sector approached us for migrating from legacy system to salesforce

  • Imagine Dr. Patel struggling to keep track of donor information in scattered spreadsheets and notebooks. Missed follow-ups, forgotten birthdays, and misplaced donation records led to frustrated donors and lost opportunities.
  • Grant applications were a bureaucratic nightmare, often drowning in paperwork and missed deadlines. Tracking grant lifecycles and measuring impact was virtually impossible with their manual system.
  • Organizing fundraising events was a logistical marathon, from venue booking to volunteer coordination to ticket sales. The days leading up to each event were filled with frantic scrambling and sleepless nights.
  • Without a system to track program data and measure outcomes, Dr. Patel was flying blind. Knowing whether their efforts were truly making a difference was a constant source of frustration.

Chaos, meet Order

Enter Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Kiran’s unlikely new superhero. Think of it as an app tailor-made for nonprofits, streamlining everything from donor relations to program tracking.

“Spreadsheets stacked like Everest, grant applications lost in the abyss, donors forgotten – it was a nightmare!” says Kiran remembering their old system

Transforming Operations

With NPSP, chaos was replaced with clarity. Donors were no longer faceless names on a page; they were Kiran’s partners, their journeys mapped on a digital dashboard.

Fundraising became a symphony, orchestrated by NPSP’s powerful tools. Volunteers, once a disorganized chorus, were now a well-oiled machine, their activities tracked and celebrated.

  • Reminding program participants to donate earned points to their favourite charities.  
  • Triggering targeted social media messages increased awareness and volunteer
  • Sharing personalised content based on user interests and dietary needs fosters deeper connections with program beneficiaries.

“Data Cloud allowed us to go beyond transactions and build meaningful relationships with our customers and the communities we serve,” said Ben Evergreen, CEO of FineFood and Co… “It’s about using data for good, and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of.”

The Results

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Pipeline Visibility: A 50% leap, allowing Kiran to predict donations and strategize like a chess master.
  • Fundraising Efficiency: Up 40%, thanks to NPSP’s fundraising magic, meaning more smiles on children’s faces and new health clinics on the horizon.
  • Donor Engagement: A 30% increase in happy, loyal donors, all thanks to NPSP’s communication superpowers.
  • Program Expansion: A 20% jump in communities served, proving that with NPSP, the ripple effect of good stretches further than ever.

“NPSP isn’t just software; it’s a lifeline. It freed our hands to heal, to teach, to change lives. And that’s a miracle I’ll be forever grateful for.” says Kiran

Jeevandhara’s story is a testament to the transformative power of technology in the hands of those who do good. It’s a story that echoes across rural India, a story of healing, education, and hope – powered by NPSP.

And Areya Technologies can help your unique business needs with Salesforce NPSP in a similar way! Reach out to us and let’s convert your business needs to successful stories just like Jeevandhara!

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