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Know the best of Salesforce: Introducing the Salesforce Genie.

Have you ever contacted a support line and wasted time explaining your purchase history to the representative to receive the appropriate level of assistance? How about surfing a retail site looking for the jeans you’ve been eyeing for weeks but need to search for? Most of us are familiar with these situations. We expect that every interaction we undertake will be real-time and connected. We become upset when they aren’t. Think for a moment about the plethora of customer data presently available to businesses; on a global scale, it doubles every 12 hours. Now you can turn this data into real-time customer magic.


“Salesforce Genie is the real-time platform for customer magic”. It allows your teams to meet your clients exactly where they are by integrating updated data every millisecond.

Every business can easily make sense of all of its data from any system, channel, or data stream, courtesy of Salesforce Genie. It integrates data from each stage of the customer experience into a single record. The ability to instantaneously build an unmatched level of personalization using that real-time customer data seems magical.


A few scenarios that show how Salesforce Genie makes the customer experience so much better:

●  At 3 p.m., you report the theft of your credit card after losing it. Your card is being used to purchase something at 3:05, but it is instantly declined because the merchant uses Commerce Cloud Genie and gets instant alerts.

●  You contact customer support to report a product-related issue. This results in an automatic response that halts all marketing and sales interactions with you until your case has been addressed because the company uses Service Cloud Genie. You, therefore, are immune from routinely irritating interactions that turn away clients, like receiving an email pitch to purchase the specific product you are experiencing a problem with.

●  A personalized offer you’re viewing on a website changes immediately due to a marketing email you just clicked on. Owing to the business’s use of Marketing Cloud Genie, that offer is now more relevant to you than you would have otherwise considered, compelling you to proceed with the purchase.

●  You need urgent medical attention. Your real-time patient data enables your healthcare professional to provide proactive guidance and care recommendations where milliseconds matter.


Companies can leverage a unified profile and real-time data in any industry to deliver more personalized experiences. As you can see from these examples, milliseconds are of the utmost importance. Failing to stay up could result in negative social media feedback, decreased healthcare productivity, and other costs.

Salesforce Genie is a customer data platform but takes it a step further. It funnels a nearly infinite amount of dynamic data to customer 360 in real-time. So this means your customer data is constantly updating with new data from any of their touchpoints faster than ever before.

The entirety of this unified customer profile record is accessible and usable all through the Salesforce product portfolio, including all sector-specific solutions. To match client expectations for real-time apps that reflect their activity, you may create custom apps that use Salesforce Genie. Marketing, sales, service, commerce, Tableau data analytics, the Mulesoft integration platform, and more are supported by Salesforce Genie. Its large scale, consistently updated data, and unified profile also allow:

●  Artificial intelligence with millisecond-level output updates

●  Automated processes that can quickly change in response to
new data

●  An extraordinary level of analytics accuracy

Genie is new & innovative, but how does it work?


Two key features identify Salesforce Genie. The first is real-time, allowing brands to react immediately by collecting and combining data in milliseconds. This makes it feasible for brands to communicate with customers on a new level. The action could be a support engagement for an issue a client is experiencing or a product offer.

The second benefit is that it enables all your teams, including those in sales, service, marketing, commerce, and other areas, to instantly modify the experiences they deliver to reflect what is happening in your customers’ worlds.

Real-time, connected data is the game changer in all these scenarios. Salesforce Genie is the first product to provide that.



Salesforce Genie is part of the Salesforce platform. Every cloud gets better as it adds features. Previously, with Flow and then once more with Einstein, Salesforce accomplished this by introducing automation and intelligence to every interaction in sales, service, marketing, and commerce. And access to real-time data across all clouds is made more accessible by the integration of Salesforce Genie into the Salesforce platform.

●  Connect all your data

●  Harmonize your data.

●  Engage your data to put it to work for you.

●  Create a better experience.

Automated. Intelligent. Real-Time. Salesforce Customer 360 is now the first real-time CRM. For more, visit

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